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Insurance Updates

We participate with most insurance plans. Please contact our office for insurance inquiries.


Please note that no HMO is “better” than another, it is simply a matter of assignment.  Further, it is important that you  contact your HMO and request that Meyer Pediatrics/Ted L. Meyer be assigned as your PCP or primary care provider. Be sure to check that your insurance card has our office name on it.   You can make this request yourself on some of the HMO web pages once you have registered for an account.  

Please note that Meyer Pediatrics does not provide immunizations/vaccinations other than the flu shot to patients insured by Medicaid or any Medicaid HMO.  Those patients will be referred to their local health department for vaccinations.

If you are looking for assistance in choosing a FL Medicaid Managed Medical Assistance plan, visit http://flmedicaidmanagedcare.com

Need help navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace? Visit http://www.sarasotahealthinsurancemarketplace.com/  A team of Certified Application Counselors is ready to help you.  This service is provided at no cost to Sarasota County residents.

Please Remember

If we do not participate with your insurance company, we will not file a claim and you will be responsible for payment at the time of service.  If for any reason your insurance company does not pay for the services rendered, you will be responsible for payment.   If you fail to give 24 hour notice of a cancellation or rescheduled appointment, a fee will be charged to your account.  If for any reason your account is sent to a collection agency, it is the policy of this office to charge the parent or legal guardian for any cost incurred in collecting past due or delinquent charges.

We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.





Insurance Updates November 14, 2011