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Handouts on Common Concerns  in Pediatrics

Developmental Milestones
Head Shape
Sleep Training
Teen Sleeping Patterns

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Sarasota Memorial Labs
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Sarasota Memorial Radiology
Rose Radiology Sarasota
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Common Questions About Childhood Vaccines
7 Tips for Talking with the Child Who Stutters
Video Collection from KidsHealth

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Healthy Children from American Academy of Pediatrics
Pocket Doc from All Children’s Hospital in Tampa
Early Steps
Web MD Children
Safe Kids USA
Infant Swim
Vaccine Info from the CDC
Article About Mercury in Vaccines
Article About Gut Bacteria and Antibiotics
Autism Speaks Article on MMR Vaccine
The Science Facts About Autism and Vaccines
Florida KidCare
Sarasota Health Insurance Marketplace
Cerebral Palsy Guide

Give or Take Resource Exchange

Give or Take

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Cute Patient Quotes from Meyer Peds
Visiting the Pediatrician: A Coloring Book from Intelihealth
KidsHealth Online Games