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A Great Book for Stretching Excercises

This is a wonderful and cheap paperback that has muscle group-specific exercises (how do I stretch my hamstrings?) and exercise-specific stretches as well (what do I do for soccer?). If you are tight or having muscle pains from sports (or aging, in my case) this book could help.



I haven’t encountered any source on this subject as broad, accessible, and easily applied as Bob Anderson’s classicStretching, a patient and friendly stand-in for my eight-grade P.E. teacher.

The 30th anniversary edition of this guidebook came out recently, with even more stretches and illustrations, and it’s easily the most comprehensive work on the subject. I love the activity-specific sections: cyclists, for instance, are shown stretches that not only address the muscle groups made tight and tense by our specific sport, but the stretches geared toward bike riders even include a bicycle to be utilized as a support. Activities from weightlifting to computer using get their own sections, too.

Organizationally,Stretchingshines. Tight neck? Rigid shoulders? Thumb through to your proscribed routine and get to work. With minimal flexibility but a willingness to make an effort, almost anyone can use this book to become more limber, healthier.

— Elon Schoenholz


Stretching: 30th Anniversary Revised Edition
By Bob Anderson, illustrations by Jean Anderson
2010, 240 pages

Available fromAmazon

Why Stretch?
– Reduce muscle tension and make the body feel more relaxed
– Help coordination by allowing for freer and easier movement
– Make strenuous activities like running, skiing, tennis, swimming, and cycling easier because it prepares you for activity; it’s a way of signaling the muscles that they are about to be used.