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Swine Flu Mist is now in!


If you are interested in getting the Swine Flu Mist for your child, it is now in. Please remember that the children have to be 2 years old or more and have no chronic illnesses such as asthma or serious egg allergies. Also, if your child has recently had the the Seasonal Flu Mist, you must wait 28 days or more before getting the swine flu mist.

Also, please remember that this is a live virus vaccine, which is what makes it a more effective vaccine than the shot. We do not yet have any confirmation from the Sarasota Health Department about the availability of the Swine Flu shot (killed virus).

Please call the office for an appointment for the nasal mist vaccine. We are making every effort to give as many vaccines as quickly as the demand dictates, including Saturday mornings. We have been allotted 300 doses, so supply is not infinite. Call 365-5898 and ask to be scheduled for the Swine Flu Mist if you would like to get this done. Thanks,

Dr Ted, Nancy, Jen, Kay and all of us at Meyer Pediatrics