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Developmental Milestones-Possible Red Flags

Most parents wonder from time to time if their child is developing “normally”. The American Academy of Pediatrics and other national groups have well established guidelines for development, but keep in mind they are just that—guidelines. There can be a wide range of normalcy around these milestones, particularly when you take into consideration prematurity and illness states.
As your healthcare providers, it is important for us to regularly assess your young child for age appropriate skills and behaviors. As long as she/he is continuing to learn and do new things, all should be well!
Listed below are some possible red flags for delayed development. It is important to recognize these possible signs in a timely manner and have the child evaluated by a developmental specialist or early intervention agency. Locally, Early Steps or Face-Autism, Inc. provides free screening for children less than 3 years of age. Children over 3 years can be seen through the school system or privately by Neurology or Psychiatric Services.

Possible Red Flags

The child:
> Does not respond to name by12 months of age or to parent’s smile or other facial expressions
> Doesn’t snuggle when picked up, but arches the back instead
> Does not point to objects to show interest (like the fire truck going by) by 14 months
> Doesn’t play pretend (“feeding dolly” or “driving” the car) by 18 months of age
> Doesn’t bring objects to “show” to parents
> Avoids eye contact and would rather play alone
> Doesn’t say single words by 15 months or 2-word phrases by 24 months
> Repeats exactly what others say without understanding its meaning (parroting or echolalia)
> Doesn’t start or can’t continue a conversation
> Seems to be unaware when others are talking to them but responds to other sounds like a car horn
> Does repetitive behaviors like rocking, spinning, swaying, twirling of fingers or flapping hands (esp. when excited or upset)
> Likes routines, order and rituals
> Doesn’t show concern or empathy for others

If you have any concerns about your child or grandchild, please bring it to our attention so we can assess and make appropriate referrals.